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Greetings from all of us at Serenity Now, One door closes and another opens (by John H.): Many years ago I met an angel named Brooke (Bonnie), and we became instant friends. One day she shared a dream to work in a spiritually based (some call them “metaphysical”) store. This eventually led to exploring the possibility of starting our own center. We were guided to Palm Harbor, leased a space, and built a shop from the ground up. The day we opened it (April 1, 2004) we held hands and stated that if at the end of any day we could count at least one soul that we had touched in a positive way it was a “great day”! We both worked open to close the first few years, and then I went out to pursue other interests. I remained the silent supporter behind the scenes. After almost 20 years of “great days” it is time for me to pass my baton to the next person to continue the work in this powerful “peace center.” It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to serve all our beautiful supporters, and I am thrilled that the work will not only continue, but surely be improved with a new angel to “fly” with Brooke! Other spiritual service work (12 step recovery field, etc.) has called me back to my home state of North Dakota, where there are many souls waiting to be “touched.” I see the work at the Palm Harbor center of peace soaring on the wings of angels! Until we meet again, either on this planet or while sipping celestial tea and reminiscing, farewell and peace be with you! A Message from Brooke: I (Brooke) have had the privilege of getting to be here at Serenity Now since the beginning. April of this year was the start of our 20th year. I have seen miracles that defy logic and have gotten to be with you, my extended family. Tess Dalka is joining me in this next leg of our journey. Many of you already know her from the 13 years that she has been a part of our team. She is excited to introduce herself and we will be updating our move forward in the upcoming newsletters.

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