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October 2023

Greetings from all of us at Serenity Now, In the last newsletter I (Brooke) shared with you that Serenity is moving forward with a new business partner who is joining me. Her name is Tess and she has been involved in the store for 13 years. I know many of you already know her but she is one of those that is humble about her gifts and would never toot her own horn. So I thought why don’t I share one single story about her. I remember this as if it happened yesterday. It was Valentine's Day of 2020. Many were in the store to get a last minute card or gift for their sweeties. Tess approached me and said, “The angels are talking about a virus and they have repeated it three times.” I heard her voice but I didn’t hear the message. Then she said, “Not only that, they are also talking about a vaccine.” Again, I would never dismiss her, but what she was saying went over my head. I think I might have said, “Did you remember to get your husband something?” Neither one of us thought about this again but we all know what happened on the globe in March of 2020. I have gone back in my mind to this moment many times. Tess remembers more of the details, but nonetheless I find the whole thing amazing. I feel thrilled to see how her gifts and her new position in the store take all of us to new experiences.

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