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Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

One of the things I (Brooke) love about working here at Serenity Now is that I get to see the hand of God in ordinary, everyday moments and details. For example, the other day I was sharing a song with Sarah that I had felt guided to listen to. The name of the song is “Gold” by the artist Anna Graceman. Gold has always had a spiritual meaning to me because it was one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus by the Magi. Somehow I have interpreted the gift of Gold to mean that our God is a God of abundance and not of lack.

About five minutes after listening to the song, one of our angel customers walked in and she had brought a friend. The two of them were looking at what I call the stone wall, where most of our precious gemstones are displayed.

They were attracted to the stone “Golden Healer”. I could not help but smile since the day had begun with a song named “Gold”. As we were reading the properties of the gemstone, I noticed one of our guests having a strong emotional reaction to what we were reading. I asked her for clarity and she confided in me that her father had just made his transition and she was grieving very hard, and no matter how hard she tried she could not help herself.

As I found myself appreciating her vulnerability, I noticed that the word grief was on the page next to what we were reading. It boldly stated that grief was a beautiful and healthy way to deal with loss and recommended that if we find ourselves in the process of grief, to embrace it and not to judge ourselves.

Somewhere in the conversation, I found myself letting her know that often I have seen the loved one who had passed give signs that they were not truly gone. I told her to look for a sign. I heard her say “I just got my sign”. I didn’t know what could have possibly happened. I was standing right next to her. She said he had died on 2/18, and the message about grief was on page 218 of this book that has 465 pages.

I think that all of us felt the love of the Universe in a way that was gentle and yet powerful. Knowing that personal control had no part at all in the events made it even sweeter.

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