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MARCH 2023

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

The other day I was guided to watch the interview with Austin Butler, an actor who portrayed Elvis and the recently released movie, and Jimmy Fallon. If you have not seen any of the skits from Jimmy doing a Saturday Night Live series, I would recommend it. Some of them are hilarious.

Back to the interview, Austin shared that throughout his life he was plagued with debilitating shyness to the point that he could not even call a restaurant and order a to-go order. He said that he did his best regardless of his condition. One day when he heard about an audition for the Elvis movie, he knew he had to try. He said that he had never danced or sang in his life. This is the point where I realized that he actually sang in the movie and not only lip synced. He said before he ever auditioned he hired a voice coach and took dancing lessons.

Of course now we know how his audition went, because I believe he is nominated for an Oscar.

The interview touched me deeply. I think about how many times I have felt inadequate about accomplishing a task, and the times that I have stopped moving forward from those limiting beliefs.

Somehow I know the ball is in our court. The Universe wants us to succeed, but ultimately I have free will and I can participate or not. Each day I have a chance to make a new choice for my success.

We have a brand new product in the store that works with our own light body energy. You know Serenity is not just a store, but a portal of light. With enough of us in this army of light, I believe we can watch the miracles unfold before our very eyes. Your support means the world to us, please feel free to come in or call.

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