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JULY 2023

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now. A few weeks ago I (Brooke) was guided to watch the movie Money Ball. I found myself resistant. However, I have lived my life following guidance since my earliest childhood and I have never been steered wrong. The movie is about baseball. I noticed part of my resistance stems from knowing very little about sports. When they say things like “the bottom of the 9th” or “all the bases are loaded”, I don’t know what they are saying. It’s like they are speaking in tongues. The movie is based on actual events. The character that Brad Pitt plays decided to go against conventional wisdom in picking players. He joins with an Ivy League graduate and uses statistics that were brand new to the game. They were criticized for their methods and at times even doubted themselves. Their critics said that the same protocols have been followed for baseball since the beginning and these two oddballs and their system will never work. The spiritual side of the story for me was when I thought about the fact that our experience is governed by our beliefs, mindsets, and convictions. In order for me to have a new experience I get to change my mind. Of course, at the end of the movie, their new system broke all the previous records. I felt very hopeful for the future and I think that’s what all of us want.

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