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JULY 2022

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

The other day I (Brooke) had a conversation with a young man. He shared with me that he was feeling overwhelmed, and just didn’t know how to go on. I shared with him my beliefs about the love of God and how He meets all our needs (Mathew 6:33). I was also guided to read him a few sentences from Lesson 109 in A Course of Miracles titled, “I rest in God.” My interpretation of this lesson is to just come to the present moment, and that will let the anxiety about the future fall away.

Later on that day I was guided to a video by Jonny Diaz titled Breathe. Basically the video is about a man who feels overwhelmed with his life, and finds the answer in bringing himself to the present moment and taking a breath. You would think that by now I would be used to these moments of God’s presence when there is no way I could have controlled it into being.

I reached for the phone and called the young man. I asked him if he had time to watch a three minute video. He said he was at work and could not take personal time. I hung up knowing that God’s timing is immaculate. The next day, the young man came in to Serenity and said, “I saw a meme this morning that I loved. The meme was about sitting at Jesus’ feet.” Now, I remembered that part of the lyrics of the song I had been led to watch also included sitting at Jesus’ feet.

Wow! I felt like I had witnessed a miracle. A child of God was feeling lost and God’s guidance brought him back to his center. I think this is what the Universe is doing for all of us every moment.

Happy Fourth of July!

We will be closed Monday, July 4.

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