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January 2023

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

Happy New Year! I (Brooke) was guided to watch a program on the Christian channel Daystar. It is called Joni Table Talk. The program consists of a panel of women and a guest, and they discuss various topics.

On this particular day the guest was named April Simon. Someone I have never heard of before. I sat curious as to the gift I would receive from watching this program.

She shared a story about suffering from extreme pain from sciatica. Somewhere in the program I found out that she is Joel Osteen’s sister, but of course has a different last name because she is married. She said that she had been sent to see a particular doctor for her condition. When the doctor walked into the examination room she had scrubs on and the head covering that some doctors wear.

April said she always tries to speak positive if she can, and noticed that the doctor’s skin was glowing and beautiful, so she shared this with her. Almost immediately the doctor began to cry. April was devastated and couldn’t figure out what she could have done to offend. The doctor took her head covering off and she was completely bald. She shared that she herself had been diagnosed with stage four cancer and there was no hope of recovery.

April shared with her that she had seen miracles over and over again with prayer and faith. She told her that her own mother had been given a few weeks to live after a cancer diagnosis, and now almost 40 years later her mom was not only surviving but thriving.

The doctor said you are the second person that has given me hope. She said that the first was an author named Dodie Osteen that had shared her own healing in a book. April was speechless but as soon as she could get the words out she shared that Dodie is her mom.

When the program ended I found myself amazed by this beautiful Universe we live in, and how at every turn there are miracles waiting for us.

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