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Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

Happy Holidays to All of You!

The other day I (Brooke) had a cool experience I wanted to share with you. I was doing a remote session for someone that I have known a long time and love very much. It was early morning on a Sunday. As I was proceeding with her session the words “pineal gland” came up on the charts that I use for my work. Since I was not in the vicinity I couldn’t ask if she was wanting to open her pineal gland or why the words had come up, but I trusted the Universe enough to think whatever she needs is being done. The minute I was done with that portion, I heard four words (not audible) that said, “Your time is now.” I knew the message was a personal one for her and wrote them down so that I would not forget to mention to her. After I was done I called her to go over the material but only got a voice mail.

As the day unfolded I was led to watch a program on the Christian channel where an interview was in process with the former NFL player Jonathan Evans. He was promoting his book titled, you guessed it, Your Time is Now. I stared at the TV screen while my jaw dropped. I think then I was surprised at my surprise. How many times had the Universe brought these gold nuggets, or should I call them, “God nuggets” to me I think to let me know All is well or You can feel safe or God’s got this.

Later that day I got a return call from her. When I mentioned the pineal gland she was surprised. She let me know that at the very exact time that I had the words come up, she was doing an exercise for opening the pineal gland because she had known about the benefits of doing so. She also loved the message of Your time is now, and of course since there is no end to God’s goodness, as we were wrapping up our discussion she received a text from someone that said “Our time is NOW”.

I like the “our” even more than the earlier message. The words reminded me of what I wish for all of us this holiday season. We all have a wish or a desire, or a dream, and to know that Our time is now for the manifestation of these desires is priceless.

Thank you so much for choosing us for your holiday gift shopping. We have a wonderful selection of items and art; from precious little tokens that can be stocking stuffers, to unique items for that person who has everything. We are looking forward to getting to be with you during this holiday season.

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