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Greeting from all of us at Serenity Now,

I (Brooke) was blessed enough to be at the store when someone

extraordinary was directed to come in. It was her first time in the

store, and when I asked how she had found us she smiled and said that

she and her husband had decided to spend the day together by doing

small errands. He had scheduled a haircut in our shopping center. She

thought she would get her nails done, but first wanted to get a cup of

coffee. When she went to Sweet Caroline’s she stayed longer than

expected, so now she didn't have time for her nails. She wasn't that

concerned and she went to see what else was here to explore. When

she saw our store she walked in, and of course, the minute we met her

we knew she was sent here. She mentioned that she was sensitive to

energy and felt the inviting energy here. We also found out that she

was an astrologer which made us appreciate her even more. When she

was done with her purchase I noticed that her total included the

numbers seven and nine.

I love the numbers seven and nine because many years ago I

read a book about Mother Mary, and this particular author believed

that her numbers were seven and nine. When I mentioned this to her

she really resonated with it. She also said that her mom's name was

Mary and she had been named after Mother Mary. Before she left we

found the other examples of Mother Mary's presence in her life. We

even talked about the fact that even though we were not raised

catholic we have experienced her divine presence and protection.

These examples of synchronicity were a sign of hope for me that

even though it seems all of us are going through some difficult times,

there is a higher power watching over us.

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