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I (Brooke) was blessed enough to be working when we had a guest come in that I had not seen for years. When I asked her for the reason of her absence she mentioned she had been dealing with some health challenges.

I told her that I thought that should be exactly when to come into Serenity, because we work with alternative modalities, we have seen miracles over and over again, many of them regarding the physical body. I made sure she knew that I did not mean for her to fire her health care team, but to add us to the solution.

I saw her visibly relax and bask in the energy of the store that is intentionally set. Many mention the energy they feel when they walk in to the store. I want to share with you that I personally do prayer, meditation, visualization, affirmation and energy work each single day for the store, sometimes to the tune of several hours. Other team members also contribute to this unique palpable feeling, but I did not want to speak for them.

I told her about Joe Dispenza and his workshops. I also told her that many instantaneous healings have been experienced through his methodology. During our conversation she gravitated to a gem stone named Apatite. I had not recommended it to her, she was naturally drawn to it. I mentioned to her that one of the properties that is mentioned in the stone book is that Apatite can help to connect with the blue angels. I only know of one blue angel who is Archangel Michael. I also remembered that during some of the healing sessions with Joe Dispenza that people have reported “seeing” blue angels. (I don’t think anybody plucked any feathers or anything like that)

We were processing that bit of serendipity when a guest who had not been paying any attention to us was pulling an angel card from a deck that we sometimes keep at the front desk. She hollered at me and hold up a card and said: “Brooke, look I have never pulled this card before.” From where I was standing I had to squint to see the words, but two words stood out. It clearly said: Blue Angels. The first guest and I could see that the Universe was giving her an answer for the direction to take for her healing.

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