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APRIL 2023

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

The other day I (Brooke) was guided to watch an interview with Mary J. Blige and Sherri Shepherd. During the interview Sherri was asking about her new album Good Morning Gorgeous, and how it came about. Mary shared that she was raised by a single mother and called her childhood “hell”. Then she said she was married to a man for 16 years who was abusive. Belittling her at every opportunity and telling her that she was never good enough. Then she said she heard T.D. Jakes say, “What you say about you is more important and effective than what anyone else says about you”. She said she realized that she had let the abusive words become her, so she started to undo those words during her morning prayers. She would tell herself, “Good morning gorgeous. I love you and God loves you.” and so on and so forth. She said little by little these words started to manifest and became her experience and she is so thankful for that.

After seeing the interview I found myself grateful one more time for the reminder from the Universe that “our word is our wand”. We are the children of a God who spoke worlds into existence, and with Easter around the corner, for those of you who choose to celebrate it, I know that our circumstances that are challenging are not permanent.

I know April has a special significance for me. It is start of our 20th year or our 19th anniversary in business and looking back I know there were days that were not easy. I know that without you we couldn’t be here and I am more grateful than I'll ever be able to express.

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