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Kevin began his journey with astrology in high school. He used a large, purple, paperback book from Barnes and Noble. He learned the basics and wrote out his chart at the back of the book. Then he lost the book and forgot about astrology till 2019. His tarot journey began in 2004 when he was going through many changes. Although he didn't understand the cards, he would just cast the cards and read from the book. Then in 2016, he pulled them out again because he was going through another change. It was then that he received his first tarot reading. He played with his only deck and then put it away until 2021 He felt a change was coming again. He couldn't find his original deck, but his husband told him about the RWS deck, so he bought one. When it arrived he was excited to give his husband a reading. He cast the cards and then picked up the book. His husband threw up his hands and said, "I am not going to sit here and have you read out of the book." It was at that moment that Kevin became determined to learn the tarot correctly. By fate, he found a podcast about each of the individual cards and how you can read them intuitively. He tore through all the card videos twice in about one and a half months, while driving from one job to another. From there he studied intensively with his teacher Mandy On The Moon. He is now certified and reading professionally.

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