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My healing sessions encompass an Angelic, Reiki, and Shamanic approach.

Healing techniques are determined during your first initial session.

As we become more familiar with each other we will design a custom healing plan that will create a sanctuary for your soul to feel safe and heal.

Your session can include: the usage of crystals, Solfeggio frequencies, plant oils, candle lighting, Reiki, singing, channeling angels, and breathwork, along with angelic and oracle card pulls.

When we take time to heal with a mind, body, and soul approach we can create a sanctuary for our soul to heal. 


I am here to help you on your journey to mind, body, and soul healing using an Angelic healing approach with a Reiki and shamanic twist!


My purpose for creating this sanctuary is to provide people who have gone through traumatic events a safe space to heal; judgment free. I want to help, guide, and support you on your healing journey. By helping you raise your vibration, you can integrate more love, joy, and peaceful energy into your life. 



❤️ My inspiration for The Soul Sanctuary 


As a trauma survivor, I created the Soul Sanctuary to provide others with a safe place for healing, guidance, and support. At the beginning of my own healing journey, I felt lost, confused, and was desperately searching for a way to heal my own emotions tied to my trauma. 

I always felt there was more to healing than what was provided to me by conventional medical treatments. I want to encourage people to get to the root cause of their emotional and physical pain so they can truly heal. 


Perhaps, you just feel stuck or need guidance, or maybe you just need a little support during your healing journey. If so, then let’s create that inner sanctuary for your soul to heal. 

I am excited and would be honored if you would allow me to be your loving companion as you take the next steps toward transforming and awakening your soul!!

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